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Current issue
Vol.24, No.1 (Sep 30, 2020)
New Direction of the Research on Home Care
Masakazu Shirasawa 3
Global Trends in Home and Community Care
The Dementia Care Platform to 鼎ontinue to Live in the Community in Linkping
Kazuhiro Uchida 5
Home Care in China
Keishi Ebisawa,Hiroko Kase 12
Home Care in Australia
Takashi Naruse 18
Current Situation and Challenges Regarding International Cooperation for Person with Disabilities in Sudan
Ayako Iwabuki,Seiji Yamamoto 24
The Impact of COVID-19 in Home Care Agencies
COVID-19 Compliance and Initiatives at Visiting Nurse Stations
Taiki Iwamoto 29
Issues Concerning Health Systems in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Yukiko Hirano, Chifa Chiang, Yoshihisa Hirakawa 37
Adapting to Communal Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Taichi Takeuchi 44
Efforts for Measures against the Spread of Coronavirus at Welfare sites
Kazutaka Masuda,Keiji Kimura 52
Study Article
Needs in a Support System for the Creation of Care Plans Utilized Artificial Intelligence
Shu Nishiguchi, Asako Yonezawa, Mika Yano, Masakazu Shirasawa 57
The Current Situation and Problems among Hospital Nurses in Providing Discharge Support to Patients Discharged to Home Care
Keiko Totsuka, Itsuko Uetani 65
The Experience of a Younger Generation Family Providing Home Care for Terminal Cancer Patients
Machiko Suzuki 74
The Process of Grief Adaptation: Focusing on the Social Support of the Staying Alone Elderly Person Who Lost a Spouse
Risa Shibata, Kazuko Horiguchi, Yukie Suzuki 81
Current Nutritional Status and Issues of the Elderly in Need of Home-Care
Naomi Ran, Kazuyo Kawashima 91
Survey on Difficulty in Excretion-related Motions in Parkinson痴 Disease Patients
Yoichi Ohno 102
The Use of Home-visit Nursing Information Provision Forms by Municipal Governments
Tomoko Kudo, Natsumi Takaiwa 107
Book Review
Toshiyuki Takizawa 115